Clinical Application Representative


Clinical Representatives based in Paris who are working with surgical robotics read on. I am currently partnered with a very technical company who have a heavily engineering based philosophy. The company has an incredible technological roadmap which is using some of the most up to date technology to bring the surgeon closer to patient. The company are living 5 years in the future and have their eyes firmly on bringing the best technology to the market.

The company you will be working for have a simple mission “Make cutting-edge, efficient

robot-assisted surgery accessible for EVERY patient around the world” They will deliver this through the use of smart technologies, packaged into a robotic solution, to bring efficient and effective tools into the OR, with a world class team in a best in class working environment.

You will be one of the first hire in France and will act as a multiplicator and process driver as more systems are placed in country, hands on with the first systems placement followed by developing the structure across France as more systems are placed.

We do need a certain type of individual, so we are looking with someone who has worked with surgical robotics, who has operated in the OR, understands docking procedures, how to react when there is an incident and work with surgeons to find solutions.

One of their current employees described why he moved to this organization, the company is nimble and agile, it is very easy to pivot, big decisions can be made within 1 week and even sometimes one day.

If you are interested in hearing more, please apply or email