Country : United States

Computer Vision Engineer

You’re a computer vision engineer, who has worked on surgical robots or medical imaging. Someone who is a master of C++, you may not even be looking for a new role at this point, but if the right challenge came along, you may just open up your ears.

You know what you do in your job, so why is this the opportunity that brings you on board?

The Problem

100,000 TKA surgeries fail every year

1/3 of all patients served experience chronic pain after surgery

High Revision Rate

1 in 5 are dissatisfied with the surgical outcome

The Solution

Offer a patient specific, robotically delivered surgery which has incredible precision and drives down the challenges faced by Total Joint Surgery.


Be part of a small team where every line of code you write will impact the system.


Small company with clear technical or managerial routes.


$120k-$180k Base


Stock package which is highly lucrative (more details if you’re interested)

If this doesn’t make a computer vision engineer at least want to know more then I don’t know what will.